As a young man growing up in Italy, I would sit at the sidewalk cafes of Sorrento and just soak in the sights and sounds. I would get a scoop of chocolate gelato, watch the tourists walk by, and listen to the amazing local street musicians. I felt how the street musicians changed the entire atmosphere and they were a big part of what made Sorrento special. I decided I wanted to become one of those street musicians, but I couldn’t afford lessons, so I taught myself. Remember, this was in the “olden days” back before YouTube and internet lessons! I checked out a guitar book from the library and just started improvising on the guitar my grandfather had given me before he had passed. I never did become one of those street musicians because when I was a teenager my family moved to Montana, so I ended up taking formal guitar lessons in college. I have been playing for many years now and I love to share my passion for music with my students! Get in touch with me for more info at [email protected]