Guitar lessons are available for any and all that have always had the strong desire to play the guitar. Lessons for individuals that range from beginner to advanced are offered. Age range for lessons is 8 through adult. Guitar lessons are a competent instructor, in two large, fully equipped studios. The first studio is located in Thornton CO. The second studio is located in Brighton, CO. Each studio contains the most up to date equipment including, but not limited to:




Recording Equipment




Music Stands




Most Lesson Materials Provided

Starting at the age of 8 and over, students are guaranteed to be provided a solid foundation from which they can grow musically. Lessons concentrate on basic music concepts while instructing the student in the genre they feel most comfortable. Learning any new technique is daunting at first. However, our lesson plans revolve around the concept of making learning fun and easy! Don’t fret, students won’t be dragged kicking and screaming through some dull lesson book. Instead, the idea of learning to play real music is realized from the very first day of lessons. Students will learn concepts such as:



Chord Changing

Rhythmic Strumming

Technique Fundamentals

Vocal Accompaniment

Finger picking


Lead Guitar Concepts

Flat Pick

Music Notation


Those individuals who have some guitar background, and consider themselves intermediate students, will have lessons that focus on honing their skills which in turn, will set them on the road to becoming excellent guitarists. The end result is always to assist the student in improving their skills to the point where they feel comfortable and happy with the results. It’s important to in still confidence in the musician involving the ability to play in front of an audience. Thus, lesson plans also include getting the student ready to perform with other musicians in bands, gigs, or worship services. The sky is the limit! Whatever the aspirations, our instructor can assist students in achieving them.

Those students who are already at an advanced level will be treated with respect an admiration for their hard work. Lesson plans for advanced students include, concentration onmastering the fret board knowledge, expanding musical growth, as well as their groove.

Techniques are refined along with examining real world theories and their application to thefret board. Knowledge of guitar structure and maintenance, recording gear, as well as increasing their comfort regarding improvisation techniques. Not only do lessons involve styles of the students choice, but also include examining their repertoire in order to find those styles the student may be a tad weak in, and strengthening or mastering them. The instructor also provide the student with the tools to create guitar parts for any individual project than have going on the back burner. Advanced musicians gain knowledge in: Popular styles: Blues, rock, Pop, R&B, Country, Funk, Fusion, Jazz, Praise & Worship


Music Theory

Chord and Scale Construction

Notation/tab reading

Reading Chord Charts

Strengthening Guitar Technique

Playing by ear


Music Composition

Music Arrangement

Guitar Gear and How to Achieve the Best Sound


Applied Music Technology


Instruction Revolves Around Students Taste in Music Lesson Plans for Advanced Guitarists include, but are not limited to:


Equipment Selection


Song Writing


Music theory

Reading Music

Jamming Skills



Slide Guitar

Finger style Guitar

Open Tuning

Rhythm Guitar

Lead Guitar

Modern Guitar Techniques


Teaching Philosophy:

While learning musical theory is very important, it is equally important to take this knowledge and be able to apply it to real world situations a musician will face, such as playing in a band or being called on to work in a studio. Instructors who have experienced ‘real world’ situations make the best instructors. Whether the student is a beginner or wishes to expand their knowledge and achieve greater heights with the guitar, instruction is always energetic and patient. Concentration is on the student and what that individual student wants to achieve. In other words, each lesson plan is tailored to the individual student and what they wish to learn. As a result, the student will achieve knowledge from a seasoned and competent musician that is guaranteed to make that student the absolutely best guitarist they can be.